BNC Power has been in the domain of maintenance, erection and sustenance of EHV infrastructure. With an adept team of skilled professionals, engineers and technicians, we have successfully executed a number of projects. These projects have helped us in building solidarity and a trustworthy name in the field of EHV infrastructure.

Some of the key projects executed are as follows:

Construction of the transmission lines needs a lot of diligence and expertise to ensure that the quality of the lines lay is premium and so that it can serve the purpose of long term power transmission in the best possible way. So we ensured that we had the best team deployed from our end who worked relentlessly to ensure that the project was completed with highest levels of precision.

This project included the following-

  • Construction of 400 KV EHV Transmission Lines more than 402.20 Ckt Kms.
  • Construction of 220 KV EHV Transmission Lines more than 642.80 Ckt Kms.
  • Construction of 132 KV EHV Transmission Lines more than 150.00 Ckt Kms.

One of the most important facets of having uninterrupted power supply is to be able to maintain and sustain the transmission lines. The transmission lines need a lot of maintenance work on a regular basis. We focused on high quality delivery by ensuring that there are no loose jumper connections, no defective insulators etc. and replaced the ones that were in a deteriorating state due to regular wear and tear etc. Additionally, we also ensured that earth wires are in proper condition.

Some of the key highlights of the projects are-

  • Replacement of conductor of 400/220/132 KV lines more than 455.60 Ckt Kms.
  • Replacement of earth wire of 400/220/132 KV lines more than 100.45 Ckt Kms.

Insulators play a great role in ensuring the safety of the transmission lines. Our team of expert engineers carefully scrutinized the transmission lines and figured out insulators that needed replacements as they would have developed cracks or had some damage on account of regular wear and tear etc by using advanced PID Kits.

Key points of the project are as follows-

  • Replacement of 400/220/132 KV Tension Insulators Strings more than 11485 Nos.
  • Replacement of 400/220/132 KV Suspension Insulator Strings more than 12230 Nos.

We ensured that we use the premium methods and techniques of Hot Stick, Rubber Glove and bare hand method to ensure that the maintenance work that is delivered is premium and the best.

Some of the key highlights of this project are as follows-

  • Replacement of Suspension Insulator Strings:- 750 Nos.
  • Replacement of Tension Insulator Strings:- 850 Nos.
  • Testing of Insulator Strings:- more than 50,000 Strings
  • Testing of Post Insulators:- more than 60,000 Nos.
  • Insulator Washing:- more than 35,000 Strings
  • Contact Resistance Measurement:- more than 80,000 Joints
  • Substation Maintenance more than 1,500 different Equipment and Joints

BNC Power is always ready to take up challenging work of ERS. We have successfully re-erected 400 KV line in 2008 on war footing level.

BNC Power is a one stop solution for all of your requirements regarding development of EHV infrastructure. We successfully commissioned 2 X 400 KV ICT’s in year 16-17. Also 400 KV Bus Reactor was successfully taken into service in year 17-18.