Robust and well-built EHV lines are the backbone of transmission system in order to have a successful continuous supply of electricity. Therefore, it is important to keep the EHV lines always upgraded in order to ensure that the transmission happens in a proper and perfect way. With the advent of technology, the whole process of upgrading the EHV lines has become more effective and efficient. BNC Power has an experienced team of experts who can execute the process of upgrading the EHV lines with ease and precision.

Upgradation of the EHV lines has a number of benefits. Some of the essential benefits that one could experience due to the upgradation of EHV lines are as follows-

  • As old & existing foundations are used instead of new foundation construction, no damaging impact is observed on the environment.
  • Helps in saving power by effective transmission.
  • Superior power quality is achieved by using high ampacity conductors & HTLS conductors.
  • Very few ROW situations are faced during upgradation and hence it is cost effective.

With in-depth knowledge in the domain of EHV infrastructure, we can guarantee that we are the ones who can provide with the apt technology and resources to upgrade the EHV lines so that they are in a perfect working condition to facilitate efficient transmission of power.